Effortless Style
Finding the right hat is no small thing. And we at Pistil are determined to make your favorite – the one you grab as you race out the door, the one that gets broken-in to reflect your personal style, the one that performs when you need it to.
It’s hard to believe this is our 9th year and it all started with a burning impulse to make one particular hat. Since then, we’ve enjoyed a happy evolution into crafting scarves, headbands, mittens, wristlets, and belts too – in addition to our beloved hats. Today, our collection feels fine-tuned, and well-rounded – and beyond anything we could have imagined at our small start.
We continue to call Hood River, Oregon home, though like our line, our team has grown to include a few more friends. We celebrate the natural beauty of this place every day, and are inspired by the relaxed, friendly, honest people that live here.

hat fit & style

Fit_S14 Finding the right hat is no small thing, which is why many people say, “I’m not a hat person.” To them we respond: “You just haven’t found the right hat.”  Short hair or long, big head or tiny one, we’re pretty sure we make a hat that you will love.


Fab_S14 For us, a thing isn’t beautiful unless it’s also made right. This means choosing the absolute best quality – in both materials and workmanship.  Devotion to detail in everything we make sets us apart and delights our customers.

trend & inspiration

T&I_S14 We scour the world for the best sources of fabrics, yarns and trim details like buttons, leather, metal bits, and buckles. Whatever our latest inspiriation, we remain true to clean, simple design and stylish details to create your next favorite piece.

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